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    Clean Mac
    Just got my new 27" iMac(my first mac) and I am loving it and I was wondering how you guys keep them clean and running like new? Any regular maintenance or stuff like that? I am talking about the inside of the computer, not keeping the outside looking clean.

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    Download this and should help you out

    Dont forget to use the Reputation System if someone has helped you out !!!
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    Windows mentality lol...nothing really to worry about.

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    try Onyx, works a treat.

    its like CCleaner for OS X.

    and for the outside, just get some microfibres.
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    Personally I don't recommend installing those apps. From my experience they only slow down your mac. Though I reset safari from time to time because it takes up a lot of space if you look in your library.

    I was worried about how to keep your mac clean too. But really there is not much you can do.


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    How could MainMenu or OnyX slow down your machine? Neither application is running unless you tell it to run. If you noticed a slow down, it must have been something else that caused it.


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