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    Nov 22, 2009
    Bluetooth Faxing on 10.5
    I saw this article that one can fax with a mobile phone via bluetooth in 10.4:
    Mac OS X 10.4: Adding a Bluetooth fax device

    Pretty cool, except I have 10.5 and the directions don't work in 10.5. (There's no "advanced" selection when you option-click "More Printers".)

    I do see that 10.5 has a utility to add a bluetooth fax, which I went through, but couldn't get to work. (At no point did it ask to connect with my bluetooth phone.)

    Anybody know how to get this to work? Sure would be a great feature when on the road!

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    Jul 09, 2009
    Good find. I'd like that for 10.6
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