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    Apple Crumbled my Email UK problem...
    Can I get compensation from Apple for loosing my email data?

    I've been running a 'bodge it' email system for my small company (of 1) via Yahoo as I could access mail from the web and Iphone, I had not been running an email client on a computer to access mail.
    However I wanted my emails to come from a non yahoo address (I have a company info@ email address) and I wanted more of a back up of them than just being on the yahoo server.
    So I brought a nice shinny MacBook Air in the thought that I would always be with one or the other so I did not need a web access from other machines, I also thought that I could then back up the laptop including the mail.
    I got as far as downloading 3000 emails into my email client on my Air from yahoo but got stuck routing emails back out via my 'info' account.
    I went to an Apple Store business team member so they could sort out my email and email back up system.
    The Apple man ended up deleting 3000 of my emails from not just the Air but also from the yahoo account by removing the yahoo account from the Air email client.
    The store has now sorted out the email system, but the loss of the last years emails may cause my business big issues and as best will make me look unprofessional and disorganised as a....wait for it....Project Manager.
    The store is not disputing that the email loss it their fault, and they are talking compensation but what is reasonable?? Has anyone been through this with them?

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    Nope, but how can one put a value on email, especially when the content of which is hard to prove to create a value (unless you have some sample prints of the email you have showing that the loss of that email was critical to your business)?

    Here's what I'd suggest, and I'd suggest trying ASAP if you haven't already - Yahoo should have backups running all the time should they have a system failure - they *may* have a backup of your email account - perhaps communicating with them might get your email back - explain the situation to them and see if they can help - if they charge a fee for recovering your data you have a starting point for how much to ask for from the Apple store (of course, this value wouldn't include compensation for your time, value of data that couldn't be recovered, etc. but it would be a start). If you're really lucky yahoo will have at least some of your data.

    Good luck, I know how awful it is to loose data of value.
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    If something is that important to you, then you should back it up.

    This is a life lesson that hopefully will only be learned once.

    You can try contacting yahoo and see if they can somehow get back the emails.

    As for getting compensation from Apple, I don't know what they would give you... You should ask for a new iMac. =D

    Sorry for your losses.

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