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Thread: Blinking box for text delete/insert?

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    Blinking box for text delete/insert?
    One vexing thing I've found since getting my MB on Saturday is a funky behavior when deleting & re-entering text. I'll double-tap the trackpad, or single-click the corner, select a block of text, then hit Delete. When I try to type, I'll get a single-character block of flashing text, and when I type letters, they replace each other. If I type "cut" I get C, which is replaced by the U, then the T, but the entire word never appears. I usually have to put focus on another window or field to get back to "regular" text entry.

    Any idea what function I've invoked, and how to avoid?

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    Which application are you using when this occurs? You stated "entering and re-entering text". Are you using TextEdit? MS Word? ?

    It sounds like you're using "overtype" mode rather than "replace" when entering text. That function is usually controlled from within application.


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    Thanks for the reply!

    This mostly happens in Safari, specifically in a Gmail message. I think "overtype" is an accurate description of what's happening.

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    Try hitting the Insert key on your keyboard. This has solved the problem for me in the past, though not in Safari.

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