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Thread: Recovering history from In Private Browsing

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    Unhappy Recovering history from In Private Browsing
    I hate that I've had to resort to this but I need help.

    My husband is a guru - who checks my email, searches my history, etc. Yes, we are having, I haven't given him any reason too do this. He can cover his tracks very well - deletes things, uses private browsing, etc. Now, I'm not totally computer illiterate, but have more experience on a pc. I use a mac laptop at home (his) as well as my desktop pc. I recently discovered a hotmail account (with his name) when we primarily use our emails through Time Warner. Very fishy...and makes me sick to my stomach at the thought!

    My question is there any way to recover history after a user activates "private browsing" on a mac? I believe I read a post somewhere that there is a way to possibly check the router log? Also a way to check the cache?

    Please, if anyone can tell me the steps to this I would appreciate it. I'm afraid something is going on. I've never snooped before, but I'm at a loss. I'm not getting answers from him and I'm sick of feeling sick. Thanks in advance for your time and answers!

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    Not that I know of. The Private Browsing function doesn't cache anything on purpose. So, you have no history or cache function while you're using it or when you're done with it.
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    With In Private browsing, the browser is going to make sure not to remember anything about the sessions.

    However, if you are going through a router to access the Internet, you can enable logging on there to essentially show every website that is accessed. The router logging, however, is very minimal just listing the main IP address of the visited site, nothing about specific pages on those sites.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Raz0rEdge View Post
    listing the main IP address of the visited site, nothing about specific pages on those sites.

    Can't you put an IP address in the address bar and it will direct you to a site?
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