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    "Migration" question..
    Hi Guys, I'm really enjoying my imac i5 at the mo and thinking of investing in a mac book pro.

    Is it possible for me to have a 'copy' of my imac as a facsimile on my new to be mac book pro?

    I don't want to go through the hassle of re-importing emails, and software etc so i just want a copy of my current imac on my mac book pro BUT...

    without photos and mp3 files as they are disc space basically just my emails, installed software and other settings.


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    Just use the migration assistant on the MPB to send everything over. And when that is done you can delete the music and photos from the MBP. That's how I would do it.

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    Yup. Apple's Support page has all the info on how to. Migration tips and tricks for 2009 and Late 2008 portables
    Notice the paragraph at the bottom of the page. Tells you how to select exactly what it is you want on your new machine.

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    you guys are awesome..thanks!!

    now was going to buy one but someone told me to holdfire as apple might be launching an updated mac book pro in the near future, grrr!

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