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    Problem copying files to network HDD
    I have a Freecom Network Drive 500GB which I've used for backing up files on my old PC. I now want to use it with my new iMac. I found I could plug it into a USB port and use Time Machine, but that prevents me from using it on the network with other PCs. So I decided to resort manual backups from the Mac via the network connection, and reformatted it back to FAT32. I can now see the Freecom's files in Finder, but if I try and copy files from Mac to HDD I get an error message -16 and, although the file appears on the HDD it has zero bytes.

    Any idea what the problem might be?

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    If you're FAT32, I think it limits how big of a file you can copy to the HDD. I know mine is set to be around 4GB... so perhaps it might be because the file you're trying to copy over is too big.

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    No it's not that. I don't think I have any files anywhere near 4GB. The ones I tried copying were all very small.

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