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    How do I delete a template in pages?
    While trying to clean up old files I somehow saved some files that created a new template in pages. Now when I open pages, they're listed under "My Templates" and I don't know how to delete them.

    I read another post about this but didn't really understand the process. Can anyone help a newbie? Thanks!

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    If you right click on the Pages app and select Show Package Contents you will find a folder in the contents named "Templates" that contains all the templates. Mucking around in Package Contents is not generally recommended, as often package items are indexed or otherwise necessary for the operation of the app. But it should be safe enough to move a template file to your Desktop then see if Pages performs OK. You could always just put it back if you run into problems.

    I see references to a "My Templates" folder for custom (user created) Templates. If that happened, you just need to locate that folder and delete the offending Templates.

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