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    If you really want your stuff protected, you'll have to take the time to learn how to create an encrypted disk image, which isn't even that hard. And what's so difficult about letting others use a guest account? You don't even have to log out when you're not using it. Just activate a screen corner to go to screensaver or put the display to sleep and when anyone tries to use it, it will take them to a login window.
    Wait what? please explain that to me again. Right now I have it so if the screensaver is on for so long it requires a password to log back in. Only way I know how to switch accounts is by logging of mine and getting on the guest.


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    If you look at the box where you enter your password, there's also a button labeled "Switch User" which will bring up the LogIn window. So all you have to do is make one corner of your screen activate the screensaver. (You can make all four corners do different things just by moving the mouse pointer over each one. You do this in System Preferences under Expose and Spaces.) So when you step away from your computer, you move the mouse pointer far into a corner, the screensaver comes up and then if anyone else tries to use it, the password screen comes up. If someone doesn't have your password, they'll have to choice but to click "Switch User" which will take then to the login screen.

    So you don't have to do very much, it takes no time at all to log out securely.

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