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Thread: dvd burning question..

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    Nov 09, 2009
    dvd burning question..
    Hi everyone..I have movie file thats an iso image file. I would like to burn this iso on to dvd so i can watch the movie. on windows, i used to do this using nero or image burn software.

    how do i go about doing it on my imac, please?

    do i need extra software or can the mac burn the iso file natively so it can play on a dvd player?


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    No you need to unpack the .iso, so that you get a Video TS folder, which you can then burn to disc.
    Double clicking the iso should unpack it, and then you can use free software like Burn to create the DVD, or get Toast, which is better still, but not free.

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    u can just burn the iso in Toast.

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    Use Disk Utility (which is already included with your Mac) to burn the ISO file to a DVD. If it's a movie (in ISO format) it will have to be burned first before you can watch it. The burn process should yield a video file and an audio file.


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