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    Adding a HP LaserJet 5P
    I have a HP LaserJet 5P in excellent shape, owned it since new and I know it has low mileage. It doesn't have a USB connection so I bought a nice high-quality USB to Parallel cable and connected it. Nothing happened. So I'm wondering about whether the iMac has the smarts to recognize that there's a printer waiting to be used? I tried the Add Printer when I selected a page for printing but that doesn't work, and I can't seem to find a printer utility in the applications/utilities area either.

    Is there some magic way to get the mac to recognize the printer? I am not concerned about print speed... I'd just like to use the LJ as opposed to my inkjet for B&W stuff.
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    The HP Laserjet 5P is a pretty old printer (I'm talking mid-90's vintage)...and as far as I know was not compatible with Macintosh computers even when it was new.

    I have an HP Laserjet 5MP...the "M" standing for the Macintosh compatible model.

    Maybe drivers have been released since the mid-90's to make a 5P compatible with Macs...but in any're probably going to need more then the correct cable to get it to work with a Mac.

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    I'm kinda in the same boat. I have a 20 year old Epson Laser printer that is like-new and I think is still on the original toner cartridge.

    I thought about buying the parallel-USB adapter for $40 but found out I can get a new laser printer for $60 that prints 3 times faster and I think 3 times the dpi. I'm sure it takes up less space as well.

    The 5p was/is indead a workhorse.

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