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    Question Macbook Battery Charging
    I have my first macbook Yay! The instructions don't say how/when to recharge battery for longer battery life. I believe it's the kind that doesn't wear down faster if you charge before it's depleted. Anyone know what the best way to charge for longer battery life?
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    Have a hunt round in this area for instructions for your model - if that fails try google for your model specific info.

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    The Apple website has a nice page about this. Click on their Support tab and search from there. It was very helpful to me.

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    If you go to About this Mac>More Info>Power You can see the cycle count and maximum battery charge. Its not exact or 100% universal, but pretty close, you should let the battery deplete to roughly 55% - 70% once or twice a week to complete a cycle. That is if your MB stays on a desk. If you roam a lot, charge when you can.

    Apple says the battery should have about 90% charge capacity after 2 years and with 300 cycles. We just replaced a battery in our MBP after 3 years which suffered much abuse with only about 150 cycles and roughly 30% charge capacity (it was always plugged in), still that was almost a three year run and the newer batteries are much better.

    There are some variations but my MB is at 150 cycles and just about 95% charge capacity so the numbers work for me.

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