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Thread: Photoshop and Office serial key length help

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    Jan 09, 2010
    Photoshop and Office serial key length help
    Hi, I have Office and Photoshop CS3 installed on my Mac but will be soon formatting and I don't have the serials anymore. I have looked in the programs themselves and found 2 serials/keys but i'm unsure if these are what are needed when installing.

    If anyone can confim they are the correct length for when I re install that would be great:

    Office: xxxxx-xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxx 20 digits in 4 sections

    Photoshop: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 20 digits in 1 long key

    If anyone can confim with there own the correct amaount of digits or if they are not the install keys.


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    I can't confirm if the Photoshop CS3 key is correct or not, however, I suspect it is not since Adobe like Microsoft encrypts the product activation key.

    The key you came up with for Office is definitely wrong.


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    Yeah I thought as much. Its a shame as i'm going to loose both these expensive programs.

    Thanks anyway

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    Assuming both programs were purchased legally and it seems you have the serial keys for both programs i suggest you call Adobe and Microsoft and tell them your situation, they might be able to tie your serial keys to the actual product keys for both products.(I know its a long shot but you got nothing to loose by trying).

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    If you do contact Microsoft, provide them with your product ID. To get that, go to Word > About Word. If I remember correctly, the installer noted that if you contact them for tech support, you should provide them with that number (it was definitely a number and I think it was the product ID). I suggest this because perhaps MS can find the serial key associated with that product ID. I don't actually know that for sure but it's worth a shot.

    For Photoshop, according to this, you can go to Help > Registration to get your key if you registered it.
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