Hi All,

I'm new to this forum and the proud new owner of a shiny new Macbook pro.

I've got a couple of questions that I hope that someone would be able to help out with or point me in the right direction:

- I'm trying to carry over my existing mp3 library to iTunes (i previously just played all of my media through media player or similar and tried to stay away from iTunes) from an external hard disk. When I try and add to library or drag to library, the whole system becomes unresponsive, like the task is too big to handle. I was going to try and break the task down but wanted to make sure how these files are added to the library - Is the file path just copied to iTunes or the track itself copied somewhere on my harddisk? A bit confused.

- Are there any reliable torrent applications that filter out any nasty things from the unpredictable world of torrent downloads?

- Are there any must-have applications or programs that I should look to download? At the moment I am just using for everyday kinda stuff with lots of web surfing but hope to utilise more music production software.

Thanks in advance for your help people.


EDIT: Scrap the first question - just found a really useful response also on this forum.

Thanks anyways.