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Thread: ghosting a mac?

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    ghosting a mac?
    Hello all
    I am new to the mac game and i have a question im hoping you can help with.
    i bought a used macbook13 loaded with windows 7 and office2007 and it also has office 2008 on the mac side along with a long list of other programs. I got it used because i didnt know if i was going to like using a mac. Now since i know i am going to stick to a mac i want to buy a new macbook pro and i have a question. Since i do not have any of the disks for any of the software can i transfer all those programs to a new mac through ghosting the hard drive or something to the effect? or am i just out of luck and would have to purchase the software thanks

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    Always good to buy legitimate software so .... get the discs

    Also check - Announcements in Forum : News and Community Announcements

    Cheers ... McBie
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    As McBie points out, you need to purchase the software. If the previous owner of the used MacBook did not give you any of the original installation disks, that means the copies that are on the used machine still legally belong to him\her.

    You would need the original installation disks anyway in the event you had to do a reinstall.


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