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    Small disk stuck in MBP, solved
    This is my first post in this forum, please forgive me if the same problem has been address before.

    Today I inserted a small size CD into my MBP. No surprise, the CD got stuck and there was no way to eject the CD using any software and any ejection button, because the computer DOESN'T think there IS a CD in the drive. I also tried to use hair pin and tape, following whatever posts I found about this issue, but only found the CD was pushed more inside.

    Finally, I decide to "shake" it as suggested by someone, which I had thought was too simple to work. At first, I shook the laptop up and down with one hand holding the top and the other securing the bottom. It just didn't work out the same way as the others' post. I then decided to give up and started searching how much it may cost to fix the problem if I took my MPB to the Genius bar. In one post, I found a number: $400 (I didn't read carefully, probably it won't be that costy). The three digit number immediately stimulated my eyeballs (this explains why I didn't read the post in details). I decided to give another shot. This time, I held my laptop at the bottom with both hands and fanned it as hard as I can. The next second, I saw something darting out....//tearing...

    Literally, this was the first problem I've met since I switched to MAC two weeks ago, and I am so thrilled for solving it.

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    Congratulations for solving your own problem. Luckily you fixed it and didn't make it worse like some people do
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