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    ripple effect in the dashboard

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    ripple effect in the dashboard
    how do i turn the ripple effect on and off?

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    ripple effect in the dashboard
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    You'll find the reason as to why you can't turn it on here :cool: :

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    ripple effect in the dashboard
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    Which is a load of BS IMO...

    In kenote 2 you have the EXACT same ripple effect as a transition which the iBook can also display (there are certain transitions that the iBook can't do - but it can do the ripple effect one), which would suggest to me that this is a slightly arbitrary move on Apple's part...

    Maybe it would be sluggish on stock iBooks, but I don't think this is really a 'hardware limitation'.

    I'm guessing Tinkertool will be able to activate it on non core-image compatible macs soon enough...

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