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    Hi, I just switched to a 17in macbook pro and love it. The only issue I am having is that everything is too small and I'm having to strain my eyes to see things. I have a hi res screen and it is great having all the screen real estate. I have figured out how to make the icons on the desktop bigger and how to increase the size of fonts throughout programs. What I need now is to be able to increase the size of things like the menu bar and the toolbar in mail (including the icons). Is there a setting I am missing? I can make things bigger by changing the resolution to a lower setting, but I feel like that makes things less sharp and crisp. Please help. Thanks.

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    Couple of areas - check out Universal Access in Sys Preferences for general settings. For Mail go to the View drop menu and select Customize toolbar to get this, then drag the Smaller Bigger icon to toolbar then that can make quick changes for you;

    Click for full size

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    Or you can just press Ctrl and + to increase and Ctrl and - to decrease - whenever you need to.

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