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    Question NAS and USB Exteral drives don't show up
    Ok... Not sure what i did but the NAS at my house doesn't show up on my MacBook... It does on my mini... Also when I plug in an external drive that will show up on my mini does not on my MacBook,

    By not show up I mean not in finder not in disk utility nothing. Also this is a server that has shown up before and an external drive that has shown up before on the MacBook....

    Obvious this is a id10t mistake but what did I do. More importantly what should I do next. I really hope there is something short of a clean install.

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    Can you think of anything you did that may have had anything to do with it, between the last time they worked, and now? Software installs, etc.

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    No... I had not noticed when it last worked as I had been using my mini with the NAS and the external drive... I had just encoded a football game on the MB and wanting to move it to the NAS or at least the external driven when I noticed that I could not.... Very Strange... Everything else works fine by the way. By the way, the only place the name of the NAS shows up is in itunes... but it does not load properly when I try to see if itunes will load it...

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    Well... I turned my MacBook on this morning to copy a file to a disk that I needed before I did a clean install to hopefully fix my problem and my NAS was showing up. On Sunday night I had reinstalled Snow Leopard over everything but it did not seems to change anything. Anyway, I did not mess with it on Monday until this morning and it seems to see the NAS. I even copied the file I needed over. I did not have time to plug in an external drive to see it that also works. No sure if I did anything right to fix it or not.

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