My old Macbook Pro was having problems, not really starting up, so i inserted the install disk and choost install leopard again, than the option where it saves all your stuff in a new folder on the new install. Well It wouldnt load, I looked at the install log, and it said like 3 errors, than i shut it down (bad decission i guess) and turned it back on and my hard drive wouldnt show up for a while. So I went to disk utilities and did repair disk, and it came out as an error on both the disk image or whatever and then the actual harddrive (like there was the harddrive and under that was like a subcatagory, i guess the disk image or whatever it was called called macantosh hd and tried to repair both) but repair both failed, i tried deleting mac hd and that failed, and didnt show back up in disk utilities, so i tried deleting the other actual hardrive and it said error and now it still shows up in disk utilities but it was like it erase and had an error so it is messed up or something,

and it wont recognize it when im at the main welocme screen where it says choose destination. Did I permanantley mess this up? Is there ANY hope of restoring it and fixing it? HELP!