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    What are the best custom key combos for SizeUp?
    I am new to OS X. I wanted to put windows side my side without continuous dragging (which becomes tedious on a trackpad). I found SizeUp which does the trick.

    The original keyboard shortcuts seem a little bit awkward.
    Command+Option+Control+[direction] to use half a screen
    Control+Option+Shift+[direction] to use a quarter screen.

    So I changed them to the following:
    Command+Option+[direction] for split screen (which allows you to change to split screen using either size of the keyboard as the Control button is not needed)
    Quarter Top Left: Command+Option+;
    Quarter Top Right: Command+Option+'
    Quarter Bottom Left: Command+Option+.
    Quarter Bottom Right: Command+Option+/
    (Note that ; ' . and / is a fairly accurate representation of the four quadrants)

    Full Screen: Command+Option+M
    SnapBack Window to Previous Position: Command+Option+N.

    I think this layout is easier as there is the Command+Option consistency and all of the main controls are concentrated in the bottom right hand corner which lets you change the window with one hand (Direction Keys, Command, Option, : ' , . / m n).

    Is there an even easier layout of keys that I could implement for this program?
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