hi everyone,

it's great to be here and i'm enjoying the process of getting used to my new macbook. i have a few questions though. i tried searching the forums for some of these, but i couldn't figure how to phrase my questions. so these are my video questions.

1.is there a way to easily look at my video library? imovie won't acknowledge my movies, as most of them are wmv files. i can view them in downloads, but i cannot get macbook to show a thumbnail of the videos like windows does. for example, in windows, i could distinguish one rihanna video from another based on the thumbnail of her outfit. so far in mac, i have to click on the vid to see which one it is, and over time that gets tiresome.

2. is there a way to move certain videos so they are not so easy for people to access? my wife and i have family-friendly videos and not-so-family-friendly videos. in windows we could "hide" the latter vids so only we knew where they were.