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    MacMini response lag
    I have just changed from a G5 PowerMac (which died) to a MacMini and the response-lag is driving me crazy. I can only type with two fingers but, even then, I often have to wait for the characters to appear on the screen.

    Also, there is a very noticeable - and equally irritating - lag when trying to scroll using the scroll-bar on the right of the monitor.

    Any (polite) advice or suggestions on how to overcome this problem will be most welcome.


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    Which Mac Mini model is it?

    Have you tried re-installing the Operating System?


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    How did u shift your stuff from the G5 to the Mini? Might be worth going in and removing any PPC apps, then download fresh ones that are Ok for Snow Leopard then run this to 'straighten out any kinks'.

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