Six months ago I got a new iMAC. I guess I've become a big Apple fan as two days ago I bought a Macbook. This question here is about installing Boot Camp as well as Parallels 4 for Windows requirements.

I need to have Windows XP on both machines to log into my work computer which can only be done using Internet Explorer. On the iMAC I seem to recall that I used the Boot Camp utility to install Windows XP. Then when I installed Parallels I didn't have to reload Windows as it "saw" the Windows partition.

However, I tried this with my new Macbook and it is asking to reload Windows XP when I run Parallels after setting everything up using Boot Camp. This was definitely not what happened with the iMAC.

I must be doing something wrong -- can anyone offer some ideas and point me in the right direction?

Also, it it worth the $$$ to upgrade to Parallels 5?

In advance, thanks!