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    Unhappy Need a new motherboard to 2 months old macbook pro!!! =(
    I am one unlucky ****er. I manage to place my new macbook pro at a table with a little kinder-chocolate (,still in its papir,) under it.. And of course the chocolate melted and didn't went on the table at all. No, it went straight into the mac from behind. And when I opened it up the motherboard was the lucky outermost part which got a delicious chocolate-bath
    But it didn't went black or anything. There was a 1x2 cm part of the motherboard covered by chocolate. I tried to clean it, but bc I am a stupid ****ing n00b I manage to destroy it by not removing the battery during cleaning. ( I didn't remove it due to a message printed on the battery: "DANGER! DO NOT REMOVE THE BATTERY!" ) So, by cleaning it with the battery still inside, it went from being fully-working (but with chocolate inside) to being a non-working mac without any chocolate inside it.

    It will be turned on, but nothing happens with the screen or anything.

    So, I need to know of places on the net where I can buy a new motherboard, without using my mac's serial #. Somebody have any ideas?

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    i dont think the mother board can be replaced. your warranty is voided. congrats, either way you're out 2000 bucks
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    Would be taking it to Genius Bar and see for sure if its had it or if they can do ANYTHING.
    ANYTHING is better than buying a completely new MBP
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    Maybe just show them the motherboard without mentioning the chocolate unless they ask specifically? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by fegard View Post
    So, I need to know of places on the net where I can buy a new motherboard, without using my mac's serial #. Somebody have any ideas?
    Even if it were possible to locate a new motherboard, why cant you use the serial#? What's wrong with it? Is it hot?

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    The moisture dots will be red.. they'll know there was a spill (which cleaning it would have caused). Even if there they, by some miracle, aren't red.. they will certainly see the corrosion and water damage. The board will probably run between $800 - $1200 US. The warranty on it is now void.
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    Try to contact a local Apple repair shop if there's one near you and see if you can get an estimate on a repair.

    If you do get another macbook or get it repaired, you might want to look into getting insurance coverage on it next time probably from

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