Hi there - please help!

I have 1200 contacts in my Outlook. Around 300 of them are in a category called 'Mobile Contacts'. With my old phone I could ask it to only sync certain contacts so thus I asked it only to sync Mobile Contacts, which saved carrying around 1200 people - which as you can imagine is quite impractical.

And then I got an iPhone...

It won't let me do this! Is there any Outlook App or other thing that can get this to work?

I think the problem is Apple doesn't recognise categories.

One suggestion I've seen is it tells you to create new folder in Outlook as Apple recognises folders but as 'Groups'. Here's the problem though - in Outlook folders they need to be unique contacts so you have to, but MobileMe / iPhone bungs them all in Contacts - so I end up with loads of duplicates and 1500 contacts.

I hope this makes sense - there really must be a simple way to sort this out!