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Thread: Bootcamp gone wrong..

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    Bootcamp gone wrong..
    Hello! First of, I'm sorry if this ain't the right place to ask this question, anyways here I goes.

    I installed bootcamp yesterday. I partitioned a windows partition in the bootcamp "pre-setup", inserted my Windows Home Edition CD and installed Windows XP. But, it doesn't ask me which OS to boot at start up.. It just keeps booting XP. And I can't get the Bootcamp software installed because it keeps saying there is a file missing and something about "Update". I don't want the XP partition. How do I boot up Mac OS (so that I may delete it, know how that's done). ?

    Many many thanks!!


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    Press and hold the option key at bootup.
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    Hold down the Option/Alt key at boot up, you can then choose whether you want to boot OS X or Windows.

    Also, if you want to install the Mac Software on Windows, do a right-click on the CD and click on explore. Then select the setup for the Boot Camp drivers (if you don't, Windows will most likely try to install Bonjour.)

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