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    HTML Editor
    When I was on my PC, while looking at a website I can just right click and view source. An HTML page comes out so I can edit the text and save it as a page.
    But when I control click on my Mac and view source, how come I can not edit the HTML page?
    Please HELP.... :confused:

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    Guest too sure...other than you can't. could copy the whole thing into a nother document (word, textedit, etc) and then save it...I guess it's a downfall....It's like when certain word clippings can't be edited unless in another that.

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    If you're using Firefox, there may be an extension around that would allow you to do this.

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    You wanna steal other peoples work?

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    It's because when you are using Internet Explorer on windows it uses textpad or whatever it's called to show the source code. I don't think firefox does that on the PC. Like it is mentioned above, just select all, copy it, paste it into textpad and away you go.

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