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    Unhappy Please help, how do I network pc's and mac's?
    here's the long story: I'm a professional photographer that has just made the leap over to mac this week.

    Here is the problem: I have a existing gigabit network system which utilises two 2Tb Western digital My World II (Raid 1 network drives) which is my working photo storage.

    The network was run by PC's using XP and Vista. I now have two new iMacs which replace two pc's. But here is the catch, I still have a powerful laptop which I need to use on the network.

    I would like to re-formatt the drives to use Apple's HFS file system, but now how do I get access to files and sharing with my Windows based laptop?????

    Help please, I live in a small town in Africa and there is just about no experienced help with mac for at least 200 miles.

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    Have a look at the Section labelled "Networking:"

    It got my network up and running.
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