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    Compact Flash Card - Free Space Not Accurate in OS X
    Hey gang...

    Just hooked up a CF card reader to my G5 iMac (Panther) and was importing some photos from that I took with my Canon PowerShot S230 on a 256 MB card. And I realized that even when I deleted all the files from my CF Card, it doesn't free up space on the card, even though there is nothing left on it!

    To double check, I put the CF card back in my camera and it too says it is full even though there are no pictures on there. I then had to format it on the camera.

    Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a file system incompatibility somewhere here?

    It's no big deal... I can always just format the CF card in my camera and have it work just fine, but I just thought it was a little weird.

    Thanks all!

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    Hmm, that is weird. Maybe the camera isn't recognizing that the card is empty, and won't say that it is until it formats it itself. I honestly don't know what you should do. Try the Camera or Card Manufacturer's website. Or, try iPhoto support.
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    cant you use iPhoto to import your photos?

    also, can you format the CF card with the camera?

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    I had a similar program with a SD 512, it seems to me that OS X keeps some files in the ".trashes" folder. Try connecting the card and check you Trash.

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