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    I'm thinking of buying a 15 inch maxed out MBP (from an old lenovo laptop which i adore) only because it seems to embody the design and reliability of my lenovo without some of the major problems I've been having (fan/battery life). Since I'm pretty set on getting a MBP, I have two questions for the forum.

    1. Since it's going to be the new year soon, will apple come out with an upgraded version of the MBP? Is it a trend for them to?

    2. I normally use a combination of windows 7, arch, and ubuntu for work/recreation purposes. How well does bootcamp work?

    Thanks in advance.


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    The iMac got an update and I believe so did the Mac Pro in late 2009, the Mini was updated in the earlier this might be possible that the MBP might get an update, but what that exactly would look like is anyone's guess..

    Bootcamp works well to support the OS' you wish to run.


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    Take a look at Mac Buyer's Guide: Know When to Buy Your Mac, iPod or iPhone - it seems to offer pretty good guidance.

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    You can install Windows on a Mac without any problem by using Boot Camp.

    If you want to install Arch Linux, Ubuntu or any other Linux OS it's going to be a bit harder.

    You'll want to check out these websites: Apple Users - Ubuntu Forums


    Mactel Support community created - Ubuntu Forums (this one is specific to installing ubuntu on Macs) I followed MacTel instructions to install Ubuntu 8.04 on my MacBook Pro (I installed 8.04 and then manually updated to 9.10, since newer versions were giving me problems like - no graphics acceleration).

    Good luck.

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    While not directly related to running Linux, this guide may be of help as it gets into the specifics of a number of different options for running various operating systems.
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    alot of people on youtube such as jon4lakers and lack78 are saying there will most likely be an update late january. theres supposed to be the new i7 and i9 processors. if the small speed difference is important to you, i suggest waiting.
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