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Thread: Question about downloading programs...

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    Question about downloading programs...
    I just got a brand new macbook and want to keep it running as smoothly as I can. I want download a game which is about 10gb's big. If I download this game, use it for a bit, and then delete it after a month or so, will my computer still run as fast as it did before I downloaded the game? Or will there still be a little lag or something left over even if it's off my harddrive.

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    Who knows? Is it a legal download?
    No reason for it to affect things really.
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    yeah it's legal haha. just someone recently told me that even when you delete a program or something off your hard drive, it'll never be as fast as it was before you downloaded it. so i dunno if i should be holding back on downloading things that take up a lot of space, like games and movies.

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    If u want to get rid of the game then use App Cleaner or similar app and it will pick up associated files for trashing. see here Download AppCleaner for Mac - Uninstall your apps more easily. MacUpdate Mac Software Downloads

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    alright that should be good, thanks for the replies!

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    Most programs don't leave enough stuff behind to worry about. There may be a preference file or two left behind in the /Library/preferences folder. There are programs such as AppZapper that try to remove all traces of a program.

    I download a lot of stuff to try etc. and haven't really noticed a problem.

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