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    Switcher from PC, problems with iTunes!
    Hey everyone, I just bought my first MBP and I attempted to move my iTunes library over to my mac. However in the midst of things, half of my library got deleted off of my PC and I have ever since been in trouble. I have my library of music on my iPod and I managed to get that onto the mac, but I do not know how to get the playlists from the iPod onto the iTunes. Can someone give me some assistance please, I am desperate to maintain my playlists as I have so much time invested.

    Happy holidays all!

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    There's a number of good tips and tricks in this article. I'm not sure what the state of your PC is, but thought it might help:

    Geek to Live: How to move an iTunes library from a PC to Mac (and back) - Digital Music - Lifehacker
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    I guess I should also add that when I tried to consolidate my library on my PC, there was an error about long and invalid file names. But I feel the PC is useless now because it does not even have half of the songs. All of the songs are on my mac/ipod now but I still need the playlists

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    I believe this is what you are looking for:

    Pod to Mac - Free iPod, iPhone Music Transfer Software

    hope this helps

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