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    booting into win7 now :s
    Hi guys,

    I'm new to mac since about a week and i just could not run osx and only osx. So i used bootcamp to install windows 7 64 on a late 2009 macbook.

    Now i have the problem if i reboot the computer i boot native into windows7.
    I DO NOT WANT THIS!!!!! i want to boot into osx native since that's why i got the macbook i just need windows to run some applications for work and some games... i dont want to be in windows if i reboot my computer I know i can choose the loading disk with pressing alt but... this just sucks i want it to boot native into osx and when pressing alt i have the choice to boot into windows.

    Annyone has anny ideas on how to solve this?

    Kind Regards,

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    There are a few ways to fix this. Reboot and hold down the Option key right after the startup sound. Choose OSX. Once in OSX, Open System Preferences and look for Startup Up Disk. Select OSX and hit restart. It will always start up in OSX after that.

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    Dec 25, 2009
    ok, Done!

    Thnx for the quick help!
    really love that macbook

    Merry xmass guys!


    edit: you may close this thread

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