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Thread: Would Like Help Choosing a Mac

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    Would Like Help Choosing a Mac
    Hello, folks.

    I am a long time Windows user who has just had the dreadful experience of having another Vista notebook die on me (I am actually posting from a Linux partition which is still working quite fortunately). It is looking as though my best efforts will not be enough to get this computer back to working status and that I will have to get another computer. I am a Computer Science student and now seems as good as ever to finally devote myself to a Unix-based operating system. And since my university has the hook up with Microsoft, I can get a free copy of Windows 7 Professional and stick that in boot camp to ease my potential transition to a Mac. Similarly, my university has the hook-up with Apple and I can get Macs on a slight discount.

    So my question for you gurus out there is this: what kind of Mac should I get? I understand it is a vague question but I am a tad nervous about a switch after comfortably (mostly) using Windows for such a long time. A bit of information to help, perhaps:
    The most intensive things I do are software development related but I do not actually work with extremely large, complex code. The only things I do with video and audio are watching and listening: no actual artistic work. Not a graphic designer, not a musician. Just a guy who needs near-constant Internet access and enough power and memory to work comfortably and completely convince myself that this is the right choice.

    I am thinking of getting a iMac for expense reasons (do not aim to spend much more than $1500) and because of the fact that if I DO decide upon a desktop, I can still use this now-gimped notebook (again, thanks to Linux) for my light on-the-go needs. But everything from a MBP to an iMac to a Mac Pro (maybe not because of pricing) is under consideration. Can anybody out there help guide me into a proper direction?

    Thank you for your time.

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    Well, your question isn't very difficult to answer. With a budget of $1,500 you are looking at the 21.5" iMac. There are only two choices. One for $1,200 and one for $1,500. Go for the $1,500 one if you can come up with the sales tax.

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    you could get a macbook or macbook pro laptop and an external display. Dell and Samsung make some great ones you could pick up, even used for really cheap.

    That would keep you well under your budget and you could have the functionality/portability of a laptop and come home to a 20-24" LCD for extra comfort.

    Mouse and keyboard and you have the best of it all!

    The regular macbook is pretty awesome for its $999 as well. I think I saw an open box at Best Buy once for like $899 as well. Although your school discount might get you close to that.

    in my opinion ;O

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    Why not just wipe the windows partition and install linux in the full parition space?

    What programs are you using that would require a Windows operating system? Do those programs work with OSX? do they work with Linux?

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