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    Windows 7 license on Mac - Boot Camp & Virtualbox?
    Hey guys,

    just a quickie I hope someone can answer...

    I have a Macbook running 'Windows 7 Ultimate' in Bootcamp. I would also like to install Win7 Ultimate in Virtualbox and run it in the VM. My question is this:-

    Will I be able to use the same install key when I install it in Virtualbox, or has my activation key already expired because I have used it when installing Win7 in Bootcamp?

    Is the activation key / serial just good for one installation or can it be used again, as long as it's on the same computer?

    Many thanks,

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    The key can be used any number of times, and the activation is linked to the hardware. Since you've already done that once, when you try to do it within the VM the hardware profile is going to change and MS might view that has a second activation..


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    Installing in a VM is like installing to a second machine since the VM emulates many hardware components. So, like Raz0rEdge said, it would likely be viewed as an activation attempt on a second machine.
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    You will have to activate your copy of Win 7 again when you install it in VirtualBox. (different hardware profile) If you've already activated Win 7 from your Boot Camp installation in the last 90 days, the activation wizard will refuse to allow the activation over the internet. However, if you call the MS activation phone number they will most likely activate it for you. (even though it would be a technical violation of the EULA)


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