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Thread: Security?

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    Just bought a new iMac and I am pumped but i don't want to mess it up, I watch a lot of tv shows online, from HBO, Showtime ... and I have always used my pc and would sometimes get a virus warning from some of the sites I find to watch things because they are not legit, should I get a virus protection program for my mac? if so, any recommendations? Thanks!

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    None what so ever mate. There was a trojan going around in a iWork 09 Torrent but as of now save your money as you wont need it. No known viruses or such for our beloved  products .....

    EDIT : if you are worried or not quite sure there is a freeware app called iAntivirus that you can get HERE if you really think you need it ....
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    And don't let the date of the FAQ fool you. Everything you need to know to make an educated decision as to whether you want an a/v product is in the first post.
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