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    External Hard Drive Question
    Okay, so I just bought a new iMac and I am using my old laptop (PC) to download music and movies and torrents and things to transfer onto my mac and play and watch but instead of going with a large flash drive, I was wondering if there are external hard drives that would get the job done? Ones that I could easily plug into the pc, put some stuff on it and then plug it into my mac and use it or even transfer it to the mac? If anyone has any info about this, it would be great! Or any other advice or experience with this type of thing, thanks

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    Sure. If you format the Drive as FAT-32, it will work on both machines just fine...

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    I personally use a WD external portable drive for transfers back and forth. It works well because I simply have to plug the drive into a usb port. It works quite fast to transfer video files and is easy to transport back and forth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by baggss View Post
    Sure. If you format the Drive as FAT-32, it will work on both machines just fine...
    As long as it's formatted in a way that both computers can read it--eg, FAT-32--you're golden.

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    And, if you plug the drive into your PC and share it, the Mac will see that share no problem and then you wont have to unplug from the PC and plug into the Mac, just copy/paste.
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    So if an external hard drive is formatted in NTFS, it won't work between the Mac and the PC?

    I read that you have to enable read/write from NTFS if you're using Snow Leopard. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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