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    VMFusion question
    I'm using the latest version of VMFusion (3.0.1) and after installing the 0.1 "upgrade" I'm experiencing weird mouse behaviour in browsers and in some other applications. In a browser, when I click, the auto-scroll up and down arrows appear on the screen and, of course, when I move the mouse, the cursor goes all over the place and the screen scrolls at a rapid rate. When I click in the navigation bar the browser jumps to the previous page, and sometimes does this when I click on something in the page - needless to say, this prevents me from launching any link in a page.

    This affects my productivity considerably, since I spend a lot of my time editing html pages and then checking them in various browsers. I now have to jump from XP to OS X to launch the file I'm working on in a browser, in order to see what's happening.

    I understand that version 2.0.6 had mouse behaviour problems, but the suggested workaround seems not to work for 3.0.1

    Is anyone else having similar problems? I've tried the VM support service but that section of the site is so badly designed from a usability perspective that it seems determined to hide from the user the link to post a technical support question. I found it eventually, but heaven knows when I'll hear something from them.

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    I don't have an answer to your question since I no longer use Fusion. However, instead of using their technical support service you will be better served and get a much faster reply by posting directly to their user forums which are always responsive. Start here.


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