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    After seeing my iMac in action, especially iPhoto, my hubby has been asking how much credit I have left on my Best Buy card...When I tell him he says we could get another iMac for him too. He has been dinking around with Linux on another computer but really likes my iMac.

    Now that I am getting used to my iMac I'm finding it harder to go back to my windows pc at work.


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    I know what you mean Ginny. It's hard to pull me away from my Macbook and my wife is getting awfully suspicious lol. Good thing she isn't tired of our Sony 17".

    It's confusing switching back and forth between PC and Mac especially if you use the keyboard shortcuts. On the Mac it's 'Command' and 'C' for Copy and on the PC it's 'Ctrl' and 'C'.
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