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Thread: My new MacBook!

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    Dec 18, 2009
    My new MacBook!
    I've been a Linux user for a few years, so it's not like I'm *just* ditching Windows. I have 5 computers apart from this Macbook, and the only one running Windows is dual booted with Linux. I love the Mac's overall design, and heard a lot of good things about OS X. And, since OS X is based on UNIX and uses a lot of Open Source technology... why not try it?

    I bought the entry level MacBook last Sunday. What a wonderful purchase! I've used OS X before, but only in it's earlier days (I think I tried... Jaguar? Whichever was around in 2003) and did not like it much. It felt too plastic and buggy (I won't even talk about my OS 9 experience). But now with 10.6 I can truly say it's the most simplified and clean looking OS I have ever used. While I still love Linux and do not intend on giving it up, I think that every notebook I buy will be a Mac.


    - It's the first notebook where I prefer the trackpad over a mouse
    - Modernized, widely supported UNIX-based OS
    - Can run OS X and Linux in a dual boot
    - Not Windows; I don't have to buy a computer and delete the OS.
    - Keyboard is excellent to type with
    - iPhoto
    - My local university supports OS X, not Linux
    - Battery life


    - The bloody merge feature doesn't exist in Finder!
    - Proprietary (Think of it from the Linux user's perspective!)

    Overall, I love the MacBook. And yes, I even like the "Zoom" button; I get "OCDish" when I see a window not lined up properly, so pressing a button to resize to best-fit works well for me. Good keyboard, good trackpad, good OS, good screen... nothing bad so far. Even the price isn' t that bad.

    Now I see what all the fanboys were talking about =p


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    Nice post! So I take it you're a college student? Did you get any student discounts?

    Before I bought my first iMac I was building PCs as a hobby and tweaking them. I was not impressed with Vista and gave iMac a try and I was hooked ever since. I don't miss building PCs anymore.

    This week I just ordered a Macbook Pro for my sister and this will be the first MBP in the house. I can't to see her face when she opens up the package.

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