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    iphoto alternative / flash drive transfer
    I'm new to Macs with a low tech level, I have seen in other post mentions that photos in iphoto cannot be easily deleted. I don't like that idea. Does anyone have a better alternative that is low cost or free. I'm not sure I am sold on iphoto.

    Another situation, I saved most of the files from old pc onto a flash drive, a mix of photo and text. How do I copy the files to the Mac hard drive. I know it has to be simple I just don't have my books yet. The flash drive is recognized by the mac.

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    iphoto is a non-destructive editor. If you want a destructive one, gimp will work. Mostly though it's a photo management software, it's editing is really extremely simplistic. If you don't want to use the management aspect of it, simply don't.

    How do you copy them? plug it in, open a couiple finder windows and drag and drop.
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    Thanks Dysfunction, A follow up question, is there a way that when I put in and sd card with photos on it that it doesn't automatically go to iphoto.

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