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    Installing applications
    I downloaded Seashore from sourceforge and the mounted image doesn't open the move to application window. I manually copied the executable to the Applications folder myself. Is this correct? The app works so far. There are other folders in the mounted image and I did nothing with them.

    Coming from the PC world, where are applications installed when you move the icon to the application folder?

    How do I know what to do with the extra folders and files in the mount if there are no instructions?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yes, you just drag the application to your machine from the image. As to where they are installed, they are installed wherever you put them. If you put an Application in /Applications, that is where it is installed.
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    The application icon you see when you mount a disk image (DMG) file is not a single file but rather a directory containing a lot of files, so copying that over to the Application folder is all that needs to be done to "install" the application.

    On the flip side, moving the application from the Application folder to the recycle bin is all that's needed to uninstall it. The application might also create a small configuration file elsewhere that you should remove for completeness, but it's so small it's insignificant. You can, however, use AppCleaner (a free application) to remove these configuration files along with the application itself..

    So coming from the PC world, this is a whole lot easier and cleaner, no registry entries to worry about..


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