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    Question Sync my bberry (Bold) with Mac
    Hi all - loving the new macbook pro I got last week and have read quite a bit about options for syncing my mac to bberry. However, nothing seems to be a "great" solution. Any tips/thoughts? Thanks and happy holidays to all.

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    Have you tried RIM's own Blackberry software? As I understand it, it's been updated recently for the Mac and it's much better than previous releases.

    I've also read a number of positive reviews of "The Missing Sync for Blackberry".
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    Here is the link for the "BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac" (RIM's software).
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    Missing Sync was good, but as vansmith already said, Blackberry's own Mac software is updated and much, much better.

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    My Bold 9000 came with a "Blackberry User Tools" cd, which has PocketMac SyncManager, which installs and runs fine, but it doesn't detect my Bold.

    And apparently the desktop manager software from their website is for OS X 10.5 and later.

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