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Thread: need to be able to run photoshop cs3

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    Dec 17, 2009
    need to be able to run photoshop cs3
    So my friend was nice enough to give me his old g4 imac for me to use when I start school... The problem is that it's from 2003 so it definitely needs an os upgrade, and I'm pretty sure from what i've read, Leopard will work.. Which I would need to be able to run photoshop cs3...i think. I want to go to school for graphic design but of course i'm flat broke and wouldn't know where to get leopard or cs3 even if I could. Is there anyway to download them both for free somewhere? i might be able to scrape up a little bit of money if i have to buy them but I still feel like I'd probably get the wrong thing and just screw myself out of money i don't have.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    Sorry, but no, there is no where to download legitimate legal copies of either of them.

    And discussion of illegal activity is not permitted here.

    You can check ebay or your local craigslist.
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    Trying this again..
    Okay, so if you saw my other thread you already know I have no idea what i'm doing.. that being said, i need to figure out how/where to go to upgrade my g4 imac. It's got a 1ghz PowerPC G4 Processor and it's running Os 10.2.3 right now...but i'm trying to get leopard installed so i can also get photoshop cs3. I've been looking both of them up but I still don't have a clue on the best place to get them so any help would be great. Thanks a ton.

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    As the Mod said in your other post that got closed, try Ebay or Craigslist for cheap software...
    Apart from that Google is your friend ..
    Just do a little research
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    Oh, and don't post another thread on this topic. Your question has been answered twice now.
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