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Thread: Malware?

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    My friend got one of those fb chat message virus' and she clicked on it with her mac and now she sends them to ppl without her sending them... me being a pc user (switching to mac as soon as i get money :p ) tried to help but i am still unfamiliar with mac's. how can i help her?

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    Change her facebook password and see if that helps.
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    That sounds like she has a worm. First off tell her to stop clicking things that she is not sure of, whether they are from people she knows or not hehe. that's like step one of using a computer safely! She may have to get a antivirus program of some kind to get rid of it. Im not sure what to suggest as i do not have one for my mac but that would be the next step after changing the FB password.

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    There has only been one worm for Mac OS X and that effected iChat. There are no known worms, trojans or other assorted malware for OS X that directly relate to Facebook.

    With that said, I would recommend the following course of action:

    1. Reset her Facebook password. This is crucial. I would also make sure that her email account password that she used to sign up for Facebook and her Facebook password are NOT the same.

    2. If she's using Safari, go to the Safari menu and choose the "Reset Safari" option to get it back to defaults and purged caches/cookies.

    3. Open Java Preferences in Applications => Utilities => Java Preferences. Click the Network tab. Click "Delete Files" to purge the Java cache.

    That should do the trick.
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    thanks everyone. Ill give it s try :p

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