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    As a soon to be switcher I have a few questions about what I am looking for in a Mac. I know what specs to be looking for in a PC, and I feel that a Mac can't be to far off, numbers wise but, is there any specific things I should be looking for?

    I am currently in the hunt for a PowerMac G5, on ebay. They are currently running anywhere from 200-900 dollars. I know about Hard drives, and memory, but what I am having trouble with is processor and an Operating System specs.

    Which ones am I looking for? Is it worth it to just buy one with basic parts and upgrade?

    *Also if this helps, my main use for this will be medial; movies, music, etc.

    **Just saw this ad , at the top of my screen, is this site legit? Would this be a better bet then ebay?

    Thanks For Any Help

    [CENTER]I am new[/CENTER]

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    Based on what your doing, any of the processor speeds should work decently but buy the best you can afford. I have never heard of that site but you can always find good deals on ebay. Good luck.

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    Wenger Media is legit, but pricey.

    You can find better deals on older G5s on eBay.
    Here's a much better deal on eBay
    Even with "Buy it Now" it's a better deal than what Wenger Media has to offer.

    They even pop up on the Lancaster/Harrisburg/York craigslists every now and again.

    If you're looking for a newer machine, used Intel machines are still a bit pricey on eBay and the like, but if you dig around long enough you can find someone who isn't too greedy or deluded as to the real worth of their machine.

    Always check this site first before you make any offer on a Used/Refurbished Mac: Mac2Sell - Guide to used Mac & iPod - Evaluation - Argus Mac, iPod, iPhone Occasion
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