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    "Business Card" View in Entourage 2004 like Outlook?
    I did a search and didn't find anything. A bit surprised no one has asked this, but in Outlook, you can view your contacts as "business cards." But after digging around, I don't see that option in Entourage.

    Does that view exist? If not, why the heck would Microsoft build that feature into Outlook and not Entourage?!

    Thanks gang!

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    I guess just clicking on the contact shows me everything I need to know about them.. I never had the need to view them as a business card I guess

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    Well... yeah, that's essentially what I meant by a "business card" view - seeing all the information for a contact. I know I can see it all by clicking on it, but Outlook has the ability to show all the information (well, user-definable fields to show) for ALL your contacts... as if it was one big baseball card sheet with all your "business cards" side-by-side. Does that make sense?

    It's just more info at your fingertips...

    I just don't see why they would have that feature in Entourage but not Outlook. Are there any other features from the Windows version of Office that are "missing" in the Mac versions?

    Thanks all!

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    at last !!! someone with the same problem !!!

    everyone i asked about this thinks i'm crazy

    unfortunately i've switched to mac 2 years ago and i still running XP+OFFICE with vmware... this stupid outlook thing keeps me back...

    the beauty of this feature is when i search my contacts for someone lets say "camera operator + town" the results are all in your screen and easier to choose...

    it's essential to me with 3500+ contacts...

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    Can't See "Business Card View" in Outlook on Mac
    I see that others have this problem as well. I don't see a solution though. Anyone have a solution yet?

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