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    any programs to clean up computer?
    hey, are there any programs like AdAware, Spybot, Disk CleanUp and Disk Defragmenter for a PowerBook? i just want to take safety precautions so as not to get any viruses and to keep it running in top shape.

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    I recommend you go here and grab Onyx.

    You don't need to worry about virus/spy-ware they are a NON issue with Mac's.

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    No problem.

    You don't really "need" anything if you leave your computer on all the time. You Mac will run all it's own maintenance between 3-5am. It will optimize (disk defrag) every time you install something new, and I believe when you power down. Don't quote me on the last thing though.

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    Log off all apps. Then: cron tasks 1. Close all apps 2. Open Terminal (/Applications/Utilities).
    2. Type: sudo sh /etc/daily
    Note: Typing "daily" runs tasks normally scheduled for a daily interval. Type "monthly" or "weekly" in place of "daily" to runs tasks scheduled for those intervals.
    3. Press Return.
    4. Enter your Admin password when prompted, then press Return.
    5. Quit Terminal when the task is complete. weekly tasks usually require a longer time to run than monthly or daily.
    repair permissions. After every software update, and about every 2 weeks: close all apps and log totally off. Log on, go in Finder, Applications. Utilities, Disk Utility. After the message -getting disk information- select volume (below the hard drive name -upper left corner). Just highlight it. Now look to the lower two things are there near the middle, verify permissions, repair permissions. Click repair permissions

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