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    I would like to VNC from Windows to Mac at 1280x800
    I just got my first Mac and I have a laptop that has Windows XP on it that I'd like to use to work remotely from (as I can to any Windows PC via Remote Desktop). The built in Mac VNC server and Tight VNC client for Windows work together but there are two issues I have run into:

    1. In full screen mode, I only get to choose from standard resolutions, and since my laptop is 1280x800, I have to choose the next smallest resolution (1024x768) in order to view all of my Mac's desktop. I'd really like for my Mac to allow me to choose 1280x800 as my resolution so when I view the desktop via VNC in full screen mode that it fills up my entire screen on my laptop. Is there an alternative VNC server that will allow me to set the resolution on my Mac to 1280x800?

    2. Is there a VNC client program for Windows that works well with Mac in terms of keybindings? I really want to be able to use the command key, but it doesn't seem possible which makes it hard/impossible to use any Mac key shortcuts via VNC.

    This last part doesn't specifically pertain to VNC, but is there a way to get my Mac to not use UNIX style home/end key combinations of ctrl-a/ctrl-e and instead use my home/end keys on my PC keyboard (when sitting at my Mac and via VNC)?


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    VNC clients on the Mac are spotty at best. I found the best way is enable Remote Desktop on the Windows XP machine (Only on Windows XP Professional) and then download RDC for the Mac (link).

    Just google "RDC Windows XP Pro" and you should find specific instructions on how to do it on the Windows machine. RDC does have full-screen mode, but window resolution (resize) is still fixed. Let me know if you have more questions.
    13" Macbook Pro 2.53GHz w/ 4GB RAM

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    Nov 18, 2009
    Actually, I'm looking for a better VNC server on the Mac and maybe a better VNC client for my PC. I want to use my PC laptop to get to my Mac (which is not a laptop and therefore not as portable), so I'm not looking to remote desktop to my PC.

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